The next leap will be to Blu-Ray!

Scott Bakula stars as Dr. Sam Beckett as a scientist caught in a time warp, skipping to different places and eras in the past. Appearing within the bodies of different people, he must correct some great wrong and change the course of history for the better in order to complete his mission, always hoping, his next leap will be the leap home.QL

A dog is for life!

A dog is for life not just for christmas! But in this case fetch yours just for the holiday season! Wilfred complete seasons now available to own on DVD only! 

Classic 80s TV available now on BluRay

Classic 80s now available on Blu-Ray, including The Incredible Hulk and Airwolf !

Best film of it's type since The Graduate (1967)

Outstanding performances by Susan Sarandon and James Spader, working from a relentlessly witty script, make White Palace one of the best films of its kind since The Graduate (1967). White Palace Available on BluRay Oct, 30th 2017 (U.K. only)


The Doors Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Turning 50 next year! Filmed Live at the Hollywood Bowl during the 4th July weekend, THE DOORS at their peak in this, the only complete concert ever filmed of the controversial superband!


People Just Do Nothing

Out now in the USA the complete series "People Just Do Nothing" BAFTA winning BBC Series (producer The Office/ The IT Crowd). Royal Television Society Awards 2017 winners in the Scripted Comedy category. Additionally, Asim Chaudhry, who plays Chabuddy G in the sitcom, won the Comedy Performance award. Lock on America!