Dvd-iconThe Smurfs Season 1
  • Television
  • Children / Animation
  • 4 Discs
  • 643 Minutes
  • DVD
  • PAL
  • Region: 2
  • English
  • Subtitles: No
  • BBFC: U

Far, far away, in a little mushroom village, live a group of little blue pixies in short trousers and white bonnets called The Smurfs. Only as tall as three apples, they speak in"Smurf", a language that only they understand. The Smurfs are carefree, peaceful creatures that live in harmony with nature. But they have a nasty habit of wanting to act like man, which causes them 1,001 problems.


I Smurf The Smurfs Documentary 17 mins, Character Guide, Episode Synopses,Smurfs Info, Character Guide Booklet, Episode Guide Booklet


Created by Peyo

Don Messick, Danny Goldman, Lucille Bliss, Frank Welker, Michael Bell, William Callaway, Paul Winchell, Hamilton Camp, June Foray.

  • Release Date: Jul 05 2010
  • FHED2760
  • 5030697018656