Dvd-iconThe Smurfs Amazing Adventures
  • Television
  • Animation / Children
  • 2 Discs
  • 200 Minutes
  • DVD
  • PAL
  • Region: 2
  • English
  • Subtitles: No
  • BBFC: U


01. SIDESHOW SMURFS Clumsy and Smurfette are captured by the wicked Bombast, who plans to exhibit them in his sideshow. Papa Smurf hurries to their rescue, with the unlikely help of Gargamel!

02. SMURFS AT SEA Papa Smurf recalls Dreamyʼs exciting voyage on the high seas and his gripping adventures with sea turtles, whales... and pirates!

03. NEVER SMURF OFF TIL TOMORROW A hurricane carries the Smurfsʼ windmill away in to the crater of a volcano with six smurfs inside - including Lazy who is blamed for putting the Smurfs in this dangerous situation. They are all going to have to Smurf together to save themselves. Will Lazy Smurf be forgiven?

04. KOW-TOW, WE WONʼT BOW When Smurfette and the Smurflings chase Puppy in to the land of the Wartmongers, they get captured in bubbles and imprisoned by King Bullrush. Can the rebels rescue them?


05. MARCO SMURF AND THE PEPPER PIRATES With the help of Marina the Mermaid and a dolphin, the Smurfs set sail to save Marco Smurf, who has been captured by Captain Pepper. Lots of sneezing ensues!

06. THE SCARLET CROAKER Whilst searching the Creepeedeepee Swamp for delicious Swamp Root, the Smurfs are kidnapped by the hideous Wartmongers. But someone mysterious comes to their rescue.

07. LAND OF THE LOST AND FOUND Evil Scour steals Papa Smurfʼs telescope. When Hefty, Handy and Brainy try to retrieve it, Scour takes their most valuable possessions - handiness, heftiness and braininess. The three Smurfs must travel to the land and bring back the telescope, as well as their lost abilities.

08. GRANDPAʼS NEMESIS Grandpaʼs ancient enemy, the evil warlock Nemesis, comes in searchof Grandpa and the Smurfsʼ Long Life Stone. Will Grandpa be able to save the stone and himself from the powerful enchanter?



  • Release Date: Mar 15 2017
  • FHED3803
  • 5030697037534