Dvd-iconStreet Hawk , The Movie
  • Movie
  • Action / Crime
  • 1 Disc
  • 70 Minutes
  • DVD
  • PAL
  • Region: 2
  • English
  • Subtitles: No
  • BBFC: PG

Jesse Mach, an ex-motorcycle cop injured in the line of duty - now a police trouble shooter, has been recruited for a top secret government mission to ride Street Hawk, an all terrain attack motorcycle designed to fight urban crime, capable of incredible speeds of up to 300 miles an hour and immense firepower. Mach and his deadly super-powered bike use their unorthodox ways to wage war on a notorious drug ring. Christopher Lloyd stars as a drug baron who organises the hijacking of confiscated cocaine shipments. Only one man, Norman Tuttle, knows Jesse Mach's true identity. The Man, The Machine…Street Hawk.


Street Hawk- The Legend' A brand new 41 minute documentary featuring Rex Smith , Joe Regalbuto and Jeannie Wilson

Virgil W. Vogel

Rex Smith, Joe Regalbuto,Jayne Modean, Richard Venture,

  • Release Date: Jun 27 2011
  • FHED2867
  • 5030697020123