Dvd-iconThe Smurfs Love Smurfette Compilation Special 6 Episodes
  • Television
  • Children / Animation
  • 1 Disc
  • 100 Minutes
  • DVD
  • PAL
  • Region: 2
  • English
  • Subtitles: No
  • BBFC: U

Six Smurfette themed episodes of this much loved , long running Hanna Barbera 1980’s cartoon series.

01. SMURFETTE’S FLOWERS While out with Puppy, Smurfette finds a talking flower in distress and takes it back to the village to care for it. Soon she finds out that the flower is very selfish and needy. Finally after the flower has taken over her home, Smurfette takes the plant back to the forest. After re-planting the flower, Smurfette falls into some quicksand but the selfish flower refuses to help.

02. SMURFETTE’S LUCKY STAR When Smurfette wishes on her lucky star, she sees him fall down to earth. Rescuing the fallen star from Gargamel, Smurfette finds out that her star has only one more wish to grant before he will fade away. The Smurfs all try and recharge the star’s light but nothing works. Before casting her last wish Smurfette takes the star up a hill to say goodbye to all his friends.

03. CLOCKWORK SMURFETTE Clockwork Smurf is feeling left out when everyone at the castle falls in love. Returning to the village Clockwork is soon diagnosed by Papa Smurf and Handy . Handy decides to create a Clockwork Smurfette to be Clockwork’s companion. Unfortunately when he is finished, it is very clear that she is only interested in Handy . When Handy doesn’t return her love Clockwork Smurfette runs off into the forest.

04. WILD ABOUT SMURFETTE When Wild Smurf saves Smurfette from a bog goblin, she proclaims him her hero. Jealous of the attention that she is paying Wild , the other Smurfs try and gain her attention. Soon the Smurfs are worried that Smurfette will leave them and they set out to prove they can protect her just as well as Wild can.

05. SOOTHSAYER SMURFETTE Smurfette needs a new dress for Baby Smurf’s birthday party and is unhappy when she can’t find the perfect one. Meanwhile Gargamel steals a magical doll’s dress from some gypsies. Whoever wears the dress will be granted the powers of a soothsayer. Gargamel tricks Smurfette into wearing it and she begins to tell fortunes, allowing Gargamel to capture some Smurfs.

06. SMURFETTE’S GREEN THUMB Smurfette is saddened when she can’t find any flowers until she comes across a talking stream that tells her of a garden full of flowers nearby. In the garden she finds all sorts of talking flowers. Smurfette is pricked on the thumb by one of them. When she gets back she finds that her thumb has turned green and that it turns everything she touches into flowers.


Created by Peyo

  • Release Date: Jul 01 2013
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